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This self standing moving horizon sand picture is made in Austria by Klaus Boesch & is designed to sit on either edge (landscape or portrait) as the sand trickles through water to create a new masterpiece every time it's turned - very calming & therapeutic.  Every turn of the frame creates a new picture of kinetic art. One can easily imagine landscapes of sand dunes, dust storms, falling snow, waterfalls or rising smoke & bushfires. Just turn the frame & a whole new scene begins to evolve. Each frame can easily have the speed at which the sand picture forms, slowed or quickened. Air can be drawn out or injected through a tiny hole in each frame with a provided syringe. A Perspex card shows the optimum level.

Klaus Boesch (The Sandman) a native Austrian born in 1963 and some art students in California who worked on a research project for kinetic art, gave birth to the raw idea of sand pictures. There are few people around the globe creating such moving sand pictures. The Sandman is the one who adapted this technique and brought it back to where it came from: The art!

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