Our amazing efficient staff team has acquired much talent in small numbers! Owner, Sue Smith employs the services of Jenny Deane & Paula Ballard as required & this means every aspect of the business is covered with professionalism & fun! Add to that some  fresh ideas with our intermittent employment of local youth!


Owner, buyer
Sue Smith has always been a collector of all things beautiful, unusual, exotic & exquisite & she has sourced a selection from all around the world that she wants to share with you at Spinifex Collections. She is proud of the true quality & excellence of every product. Born & bred in Longreach, it’s Sues chosen place to live & work & share her style with the display of the Spinifex Collections. Sue has found that “the gift is in the giving” & she thrives on helping people make the perfect choice of gift. While Sue is sourcing product, she leaves Spinifex Collections only in the capable, caring hands of people who share her love of treasures.


Website Manager

Jenny Deane is one of those people. She is a friend since school days when she lived in Longreach with her family. She has since married and lives & works with her husband on a property just 15 minutes out of town, enabling her to alternate her work place! Jenny is a proficient photographer which is one of her many skills utilised by Spinifex Collections.