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100% organic cotton fabric, delightfully printed & then infused with a special blend of organic beeswax, tree resin & certified organic coconut oil. Handmade in Byron Bay, Australia, & packed in 3 handy sizes of delightfully different prints.

Use the warmth of your hands to mould & shape your honeybee wrap over food & dishes. The wrap sticks to itself when pressed firmly over a bowl or plate. When stored in the fridge, the beeswax will harden, helping to retain the shape & sealing in the goodness. Perfect for wrapping lunches, celery, kale & spinach, cut fruit & veggies & to use as a cover on kombucha, kefir & fermentable foods.

Wash your honeybee wrap using a mild detergent. Gently sponge over & rinse in cold water. Protect your honeybee wrap from heat, dishwashers, microwaves & ovens. They are not recommended for storing raw meat. Taking these steps of care will see your wrap last up to a year.

Honey bees are in decline world wide. They play an important role on our planet & are responsible for one third of the food we eat. Plant wildflowers & food for bees to create a bee hotel in your back yard!