SKU: 20009083

Black suede Emperor Qin knot bag - This pouch style bag is beautifully handcrafted in black suede. Fine, rolled leather is used for the straps & forms the clasp of the Emperor Qin's Knot. Proudly made in Australia by Karen Kwok who was born in Australia from Chinese immigrant parents & graduated from university of Technology, Sydney (UTS) in fashion & textile design. She has an extensive career in the clothing manufacturing industry, particularly in Design & Product Development. She continues her path into creating practical & beautiful objects, with this black suede Emperor Qin knot bag. Dimensions are 16 cm x 13 cm with 3 divisions.

To quote Karen: "I love the smell & feel of leather & I love Chinese knots - one in particular - the Chinese call it a 10 accord knot. The knot is made using continuous strands & to the auspicious minded, represents a long, prosperous & happy harmonious life. Combining the 2 allows me to create a symbolic & beautiful object that can be used. I love how this utilitarian craft can be simultaneously seen as a functioning object (eg. by way of buttons & clasps) but also as a beautiful piece of art."