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This book, Photos that Changed the World is a paperback of 190 pages 25 cm x 20 cm. The perfect coffee table book that also makes great reading. This book is an all time favourite, showing images of joy and sorrow, of new beginnings and of heartbreaking losses- photographs that grip us, move us & do anything but leave us cold.

It shows masterpieces of photojournalism - images that garnered Pulitzer Prizes & World Press Awards, which have become milestones in the collective memory of nations & the world.

Photos That Changed The World shows images by the great names in photojournalism featured next to stellar one-time performances & anonymous shots, all of which have evolved into icons. The book shows photography without borders: images from Europe & North and South America, as well as from Africa & Asia. Each photograph is discussed in a clear & concise accompanying text that explains the image's historic background & overall significance.

Edited by Peter Stepan, with contributions from Claus Biegert, Eberhard Illner, Jonathan Jones, Lisa Le Feuvre, Barbara L. Michaels, Ingrid L. Severin, Peter Stepan & Val Williams. There are photographs that we appreciate for their beauty & some that distress us so deeply that they are etched in our memories forever. This book is about those photographs.

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