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Have You Met Miss Jones Tapered Votive or vase? It doesn't matter - it's a soft, off white ceramic example of fine craftsmanship. This creation of Jennifer Jones looks like it's been knitted. It's lovely on it's own or as part of a collection.

Originally established in 2006, ‘Have you met Miss Jones’ has grown to encompass 4 distinct brands each with their own authentic and modern spin on beautiful objects to enhance your living spaces or yourself.

Sourcing from across South East Asia, Jones & Co works closely with artisans and small factories that share their core values and principles and have honed their craftsmanship and specialised skills over years of experience. All products are handmade with the greatest care and created in small quantities.Have You Met Miss Jones's designers work tirelessly to redefine themselves each season and create original and innovative products to enrich your life. They believe that design is not just about the end product but also about how that creation makes us feel. What they care about most is our response to the things they make.

Jones & Co predominantly wholesales its products to stores in Australia & New Zealand - a list of customers still curated by company founder, Jennifer Jones. But our designs can also be found on the tables of numerous restaurants such as Bill’s in Bondi and Attica in Melbourne as well as on the bedside tables of QT Hotels.

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