Large Olive Bam Bam Bowl


SKU: 20010928

Large Olive Bam Bam Bowl.  This paper mache  handmade bowl from Marmoset Found is called a BamBam Bowl which is made from natural paper and has 3 carved wooden legs.  Unique and functional it will decorate your home beautifully.  Fill your large olive Bam Bam bowl with fruits, flowers, shells or stones. Approx 50cm x 20 cm.

Papier mache translates in French to 'chewed paper'. You can make anything with paper mache, from useful and pretty bowls (like this large olive Bam Bam bowl) to unique lampshades.
Paper mache creates three-dimensional projects by combining (chewed) paper with a strong glue and drying it into a sturdy shell. Paper mache takes the form of whichever mold you've used to shape it when wet.

Marmoset Found is a wholesale business created by two friends.  They share a love of travel and uncovering objects which capture individual spirit.  They personally travel to source collections of handcrafted pieces. Their pieces reflect the soul and authenticity of the faraway places they journey to. Marmoset Found combines both on-going product lines with one-off, limited pieces. Their aim is to provide an ever evolving collection of beautiful everyday pieces and rarities.