Rich Pecan caramel fudge sauce


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Rich Pecan caramel fudge sauce by Ogilvie and Co. which is an Australian family-owned manufacturer and wholesaler to Spinifex Collections (& other specialty stores) of gourmet food products. This 250 ml glass jar with screw top lid of velvety Rich Pecan caramel fudge sauce makes a great gift - alone or in a hamper.

Considered by many as pioneers of handmade Australian fine foods they have a long-standing reputation for quality and service, producing a range of unique products in distinctive packaging. In October 2013 Ogilvie & Co. became officially HACCP certified – to maintain HACCP accreditation they are audited on a regular basis by independent HACCP consultants.

Ogilvie & Co Fine Food Merchants was founded in 1987 in Perth, Western Australia. The Ogilvie & Co. concept was to bring back strong food memories from Australia’s heritage of family, season and sense of occasion. The old fashioned preserving methods of using fresh seasonal produce that was at hand provided the basis on which the products were designed, appealing to the consumer in today’s contemporary society.

Since its humble beginnings operating out of a vacant corner butcher shop Ogilvie & Co has grown to become one of Australia's leading manufacturers in the gourmet food industry. Hand made using the traditional preserving methods of past generations, Ogilvie & Co has a constantly evolving range of product known for its high level of presentation and signature red seal.

Today, Ogilvie & Co remains a proudly Western Australian family-owned company and continues to extend on its traditional brand of preserves with ranges like Angus Ogilvie Fine Comestibles, O Wow Preserves by Ogilvie and the recently launched Ogilvies Preserves.

The key features of the Ogilvie & Co. range are the quality raw materials used, some of which are seasonally based utilising locally sourced ingredients. The products are preservative-free and packaged in recyclable materials assisting in the environmentally friendly aspect of the Ogilvie & Co. image. The traditional preserving techniques used to manufacture the products assist in enhancing the market appeal of the Ogilvie & Co. range.