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Sandy McLean Cockatoo Gold Cushion Cover


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Sandy McLean Cockatoo Gold cushion cover.

Sandy McLean is The Outback Artist who has put art on a cushion! A bright, bold, colourful Australian cockatoo features on this Sandy McLean Cockatoo Gold cushion cover. The covers are a generous 45 cm square with a durable, mould resistant fabric especially suited to outdoors. With great fade resistance also, your artwork will last for years to come. The cover zips over a 45 cm square cushion. These same covers & larger ones (60 cm) are sold with inserts, made in Australia with recycled plastic bottles. Sandy also has her artwork printed onto iPad & 'phone covers in all popular sizes.

Sandy McLean is an artist residing north of Rockhampton in Central Queensland, Australia. She was born and raised in Longreach, outback Queensland. She also spent many years working on cattle stations with her husband throughout Queensland.
As a self-taught artist, these experiences have inspired and qualified Sandy to tell the stories of the outback, its nature, its animals and its people through her paintings and drawings. Her natural affinity with and love of the land is evident through her use of colour, line and movement. Sandy shows you the beauty and splendour that is often overlooked in the harsh environment that is outback Australia.

She has exhibited under invitation at The Agora Gallery in New York City. “In painting her own viewpoint, McLean gives us a view unparalleled in its intimacy. Her images are not only observed, but lived-in.”
— Agora Gallery, New York City

Now she is being recognised at home too! Sandy says: “I live and work with my husband on our cattle station in North Queensland. I paint and draw what I see in my world. I am self taught and have been drawing all my life but have only been working as an artist seriously since 2009. I have no contact with other artists due to my geographic isolation. My work is bold bright and ‘real’. I paint in acrylic and draw with ink and a nib. I am passionate about our Australian wildlife. I also have a deep regard for this country’s original owners.”