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Swedish crystal elephant ornament


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Swedish crystal elephant ornament, hand painted & carved.Exquisite beauty is captured in this crystal masterpiece. Mats Jonasson is the artist who created the original piece, each one hand signed & numbered at the Maleras glassworks in Sweden. A gift to always treasure.

Mats Jonasson was born in 1945, and he is the third generation of Master glass Craftsmen. He has developed new techniques for sandblasting glass and new ideas for designs with glass. Mats Jonasson captures wildlife in perfect proportion with his feeling for shape & his accuracy of style. His detail is totally individual and has gained him recognition with collectors throughout the world. These make personal gifts & perfect professional or corporate award presentations.

HISTORY: Målerås old glassworks was founded in 1890. This was the time when industrialism had seriously established itself in Sweden. In the village Målerås solidarity and the spirit of new enterprise had an ordeal during the 1980s, when the glassworks was threatened by capital take over & closure. Locals concerned for the destiny of Målerås concentrated on a united effort to reassure the future of the village. The engraving artist Mats Jonasson became one of the leading people involved in this process. Since 1981 he has yielded results beyond expectation and inscribed the works in the Swedish glass history as one of the most successful.