Can you feel perfection in our vast Australian home? In Mother Nature’s symmetry, her balance, shade & tone?

Can you feel the freedom of the water on the stone? When you attune yourself with nature you’ll never feel alone.

So tend your heart and soothe your soul & rapidly renew. Feel the music smooth & easy, washing over you.

Absorb the visual symphony that stirs & floods the senses When you rest, reflect & energise at Spinifex Collections!


Breathe the honey warmth of sandalwood & smoothly polished horn The homely smell of leather, tanned & soft & waiting to be worn.

Appreciate the artistry of timber turned by hand And revel in the harvest of the fibres of our land.

Pure silk & cotton to linen crisp & fresh Smell the clarity of sunlight & simple airiness.

Wrap yourself in luxury of fine Merino wool You’ll feel a kind of energy - a calm magnetic pull.


Watch the trickling glassy sand timing to the end Give yourself the moment to appreciate and spend.

See agate cool & clean & gleaming precious stone Set in gold & silver or just displayed alone.

The earth has nurtured Fossils from a million years ago And some of these collected to decorate and show.

Shells that once were homes to creatures of our sea Reveal such lustrous nacre on pearls of mystery.


Costumes cut & crafted from the hide of kangaroo And vases feature feathers all silky soft & new.

We have Australian artists who depict our native fauna And some who paint to replicate the glory of our flora.

There’s paper torn & creased & folded, Figurines & sculptures of bronze and pewter molded,

Bowls & fine ceramics cast and hotly fired. These ancient crafts will always be admired.


So much to long for, want, desire So much to motivate, arouse, inspire

These gifts from all around, have a style I want to share It’s all so beautiful & fresh & rich & rare!

So reconnect with nature, set your smile & spirit free Then you’ll feel the happiness cascading down on thee.

This is all the comfort of our vast Australian home - In Spinifex Collections, with balance, shade & tone.