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Sunday is the day of the sun. So on Sundays we like to feel empowered for the week ahead. This ritual soak calms, cleanses and brightens your day.
Place a few tablespoons of Sun-Day Ritual Soak into a warm running bath and allow yourself to relax in her beauty. Place the piece of citrine in the bath or keep her near whilst bathing.
comes with organic reusable cotton bag, to place your bath soak in, so you don’t have to have dried flowers and herbs floating in your bath.
Ingredients: magnesium sulphate heptahydrate, sodium chloride, sodium bentonite, organic chamomile flowers, organic calendula flowers, dried grapefruit, Grapefruit essential oil, Lemongrass essential oil, bergamot essential oil, lemon essential oil. Citrine crystal.
Note: If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or suffer sensitive skin please consult a doctor before using our ritual soaks

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