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Spinifex Collections is one of the few Australian stores that sell the original, genuine, trusted CliC glasses.
Fantastic Clic magnetic reading glasses - readers that Clic together across the nose. Choose your required strength & never lose them again! Choosing CliC magnetic reading glasses is a choice for functionality, convenience, and durability. Whether your glasses are for protection from the elements or simply reading the trail map, CliC remain secure while you get on with it, and sit comfortably and stylishly around the neck while not in use. The entire collection is manufactured with high quality and durable components designed to endure the speed and impact of life. The magnets are the strongest the planet can produce: neodymium . The continuous neck strap connects to the frame at the temples with sliding metal pins which slides in and out to suit different head sizes and different needs.

HOW DO I CARRY CliC GLASSES? The best way to carry and store CliCs is around your neck. If you do that, you won't lose them. However, from time-to-time you might need to pop them into your brief case or hand bag - check out the Soft Bag or Travel Case for storage options.

WHERE ARE CliC GLASSES MADE? CliC is designed by an American, Ron Lando. CliC and the products are now made under license in China at some of the best optical factories in the world.

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