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Madeleine Cool Clutch is everything you have ever wanted in a backpack. With adjustable straps, a padded laptop pocket, deep internal pockets and the patented removable cooler pocket, this backpack will be able to carry anything you need it to. Madeleine is large enough to store a couple of bottles of wine or a large lunch. The added feature of an exterior cooler pocket is perfect for that extra something with the added bonus of keeping it very accessible.
The removable pocket can be used to:
Discreetly carry your lunch to work, (simply remove the pocket and pop it into the fridge for easy storage and access)
Stylishly store your frozen lunch on the way to work and be easily removed to pop into the freezer
Keep a bottle of wine cool until you get to your BYO restaurant or event
Pop in cheese and wine for your next picnic
Store expressed breast milk before you leave home so that it is still warm when you get to the shops and have to feed your baby
Keep your makeup from melting
Keep your bottle of soft drink or water cool on a hot day

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