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Ogilvie & Co has grown to become one of Australia's leading manufacturers in the gourmet food industry. Hand made using the traditional preserving methods of past generations, Ogilvie & Co is known for its high level of presentation and signature red seal.
The key features of the Ogilvie & Co. range are the quality raw materials used, some of which are seasonally based utilising locally sourced ingredients. The products are preservative-free and packaged in recyclable materials assisting in the environmentally friendly aspect.
It has been demonstrated that honey relieves anxiety, improves levels of good cholesterol , increases memory and stops oxidative damage to the brain.
It has been found that some diabetics tolerate honey better than other sweeteners, because honey has a lower GI, which means it doesn't cause sudden spikes and drops of blood glucose levels.
Pour it on icecream, eat it with cheese, drizzle it on pancakes - serve it & eat it any old how! Honey & ginger are both good for you & the taste is amazing!
Active honeys help eliminate infections from wounds, including superbugs such as MRSA. Honey exhibits high potency against biofilms.
Beneficial lactic acid bacteria has been discovered in fresh honey.
It has been found that honey can help fuel weight loss when eaten in the hour before bedtime as the honey fuels the liver during the night fast, providing the body with important energy to repair cells and burn fat.
Honey can positively affect calcium absorption, reduce infant illnesses, and stimulates antibody production, helping us fight infections
In a clinical trial, honey proved more effective than leading over-the-counter cough medicines in children between the ages of 2-17. Parents are cautioned to avoid cough medicines for children under age six. Honey may provide a welcome alternative.

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