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Microfibre Cockatoo Zoo portraits tea towel

Throw some fun into your kitchen with this quirky micro fibre tea towel. It looks great but is also practical with its high absorbency. Also great to use as a baby towel. 50 cm x 7ocm. Durable & of course machine washable.

Starting as an image campaign to advertise a series of books for actors and models, morphing into an artistic project in its own right, this series of unique animal portraits has finally come to rest as a series of funky homeware products. These eye-popping mixed medium portraits by Barcelona based artist, Yago Partal, are half photographic, half illustrative.

Depicting zoo animals wearing human clothing, the humorous and slightly ironic images are a classic exploration of anthropomorphism (humanizing animals). Each animal wears clothing that is representative of its personality and the pairings are cute, funny, and poignant at the same time.

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