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This bronze koala is on a mission, he is crafted in bronze (by Pete Smit in Brisbane) using the 3000 year old lost wax process. Weighing in at 160 grams, he's about 6 cm long & 5 cm high.

This hand crafted Bronze Koala was designed and cast by Pete & Louise Smit at their Kobble Creek, Queensland foundry. Arguably the smallest commercial foundry in Australia.

Care and maintenance of bronze should never be a problem. Left to its own devices, the sculpture will age gracefully. It will be as pleasing to the eye in 3000 years time, as it is now.

Usually, an occasional dusting is all that will be required. However, should you wish, a rub with a quality furniture polish containing beeswax every 12 months or so will only enhance the appearance.

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