SKU: 20012014

Polished fossil stone tea light holder

This fossilised stone has been cut & highly polished to create a beautiful tea light holder. It has a metal insert to hold the tea light. 23 cm x 12 cm

Petrifaction (also known as petrification) is a type of fossilization which leaves living organisms preserved as a type of stone. In order for this to happen, a specific set of circumstances has to be present when the organisms cease to live.

When any living thing dies and begins to decay, an oxygen rich environment is usually present. This environment is full of microorganisms, insects and fungi that begin to colonize and break down the organic matter into unrecognizable material. The stuff left over, like cellulose and lignin for trees, or bones and cartilage for animals, is further broken down and has its chemical composition changed by other microorganisms. The end result of this process is the carbon rich organic goodness that award winning gardeners everywhere use as fertilizer.

When an organism dies in an environment that lacks oxygen, for instance if it was covered by ash from a volcano, it is deprived of an environment that is conducive to normal decay. This leads to the organism remaining mostly intact for long periods of time, which in turn encourages the very slow degradation process that allows for the wonder that is petrifaction.

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