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These beautifully designed Red White Damask Leaf Taper Candles boxed will add elegance to any table. Set of 2 individually handcrafted natural wax candles from the Natural Light Candle Company. Approximately 30cm tall.
Traditional Damask is an ornamental silk fabric with and elaborate pattern woven into it at certain angles. These pattern reflect the light and change with the position of the observer. Here we’ve taken traditional Damask patterns and applied them to long burning taper candles.
Natural Light Candle Co is found on a small tropical island, nestled between the Indian Ocean and the Java Sea. Here candles are produced the old fashioned way - carefully, slowly and individually. Each Candle is hand crafted by the talented artisans of Bali using long burning natural beeswax blends and aromatic oils from the top European fragrance houses.

Why Beeswax? – Beeswax in one of nature’s most extraordinary products. Prized by candle makers for centuries as the highest quality wax available, beeswax is a sustainable eco-friendly by-product of the honey industry. To make just 1kg of beeswax 350,000 bees must travel 250,000km collecting nectar. This produces 60kg of honey and subsequently just 1kg of beeswax. Beeswax has the highest melting point of all waxes and consequently burns longer and more brightly. It burns toxin free and emits negative ions which combine with positively charged allergens, bacteria, and dust particles to cleanse the air you breathe. Bees not only produce honey and wax, but act to naturally pollinate crops, thus reducing the need for chemical fertilisers and increasing organic crop yields. The more beeswax candles produced, the more bees, the better the environment.

Why only RSPO Certified Palm Wax? – Beeswax is the primary ingredient within our natural wax blend, the other wax we use is palm wax. Whilst palm wax is a totally renewable, clean burning natural wax, the issue with palm wax is the wide scale deforestation that is currently taking place, particularly in Indonesia, to make room for lucrative palm oil plantations. The Natural Light Candle Company only use palm wax from RSPO certified sustainable plantations.

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