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Carry your wine in style with this double leather carrier! It makes any wine great just by arriving in style! A leather lace ties over the bottles to hold them securely & another piece clips around the handles for extra grip & durability.
The physical properties which make leather a unique and valuable material include:
High tensile strength
Resistance to tear
High resistance to flexing
High resistance to puncture
Good heat insulation
Leather contains a great deal of air, which is a poor conductor of heat. This is an important comfort consideration.
Permeability to water vapour
Leather fibres will hold large quantities of water vapour. This property enables leather to absorb moisture, which is later dissipated.Leather can be moulded and will retain its new shape. It has both elastic and plastic properties in wear.
Resistance to wet and dry abrasion
These properties, concerned with wear and maintenance, are controlled by the tannage and surface finish. These have now reached high levels of excellence.
Leather is inherently resistant to heat and flame & also mildew.

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