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Black truffle oil salt mustard gift pack selection - Life is too short for anything but the best & this pack of condiments - including mustard, oil & salt - is THE BEST! Salt is one of the most basic kitchen ingredients, but it becomes downright extravagant when truffles get involved! The earthiness of truffles (these ones from Manjimup in the South West of Australia) will enhance the simplest ingredients & transform any dish. Indulge yourself with this Black Truffle oil salt mustard gift pack selection of BLACK GOLD from Ogilvie & Co.
The ultimate gourmet gift of handmade, refined products featuring the decadent Black Perigord Truffle sourced from the Manjimup region of Western Australia. This beautifully presented pack brings gourmet gifting to new levels of decadence.
- Truffle Oil 40ml
- Truffle Mustard 110g
- Truffle Salt 110g
Along with serving suggestions.

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