Rain, relief, rehabilitation & recovery is our focus! 2016 didn't start as well as it could have but now we've finished with the D's of the year - dust, drought, death & devastation & we've started on the R's - rain, relief, rehabilitation & recovery! The Longreach region has certainly had it's share of the D's & I am so happy to be hosting season celebrations at Spinifex Collections as we all begin to revel in the R's! We sold our property some years ago & while businesses in town certainly feel the affects of drought, I have to say, it's much easier dealing with a drought in town than it is on the land! We've had a fantastic tourist trade this year with many good people coming out especially to support our drought stricken area & we're extremely grateful for that.

The Western Queensland Drought Appeal has done a fantastic job in distributing donations - most affectively in the way of Gift cards. Most recipients feel there is always someone more deserving than themselves but recognise that it helps everyone by spending them locally. We've been lucky enough to have been a place of choice in which to spend them & for this are very appreciative. Thank you to the many donors & all volunteers who have contributed so generously. This generosity has lifted morale & helped our little town keep ticking over during the worst of it all.

In the belief that things would turn around eventually, we have been restocking the shelves at Spinifex Collections & attended various trade events to find more unusual & interesting product, which is what we are so well known for now! We've always had trouble getting product to the website before it sells, but we have recently put it there & not on the shelves, so website shoppers get first crack. One of my favourite new products is right here and here and here!

So let's keep up our support for our district, shop locally & here's to a fabulous last quarter for 2016! Let's hope the blowfly, grubs & hoppers don't do us in in the meantime! 



September 28, 2016 by Sue Smith
Tags: Blog

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