My Queensland home!

When I visited Annie Brown's "Rosettas bookshop" in Maleny last month, I found the most delightful Little Buildings! They come in miniature kit form & are authentic replicas of our unique Australian homes. I especially loved the Queenslanders & just had to have some to show off in Spinifex Collections! So, I contacted Marcus who designs & makes them in his shed in Brisbane & a week later I'm proudly selling these gorgeous little buildings. I've constructed one to keep, so I know now that anyone can! (Marcus obviously knows I'm going to keep stocking these as he's supplied a very handsome display stand!)

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Trevor (my husband) & I own a Queenslander (pictured above) which was moved into town from Polotic in the Aramac area about 15 - 20 years ago. It is featured in the Australian Country Historic Houses book which I also stock  alongside the little buildings, so I feel like I'm sharing our own home in this little shop! I love it too that I stock many things that we have at home, so come in & share the style with us!

February 17, 2015 by Sue Smith